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.Net Course - Best Advanced .Net Training Institute in Mira Road, Mumbai

In current trend of high marketing, high fees and low quality training we have changed and set a new trend in .NET certification course and training in Mira Road Mumbai with practical oriented industry training program that is must for every corporate and professionals. Our complete advanced .Net training course is all that you need to make an established and successful career. The course is designed to be a complete coverage of .NET training which includes training course and is been constantly being updated as per the latest technology features. Starting with basics of programming in C# .NET we shift the dogma of the training to empower candidates to look into features to C# which can never have in any other languages. After C# .NET training we prepare you with latest version of .NET MVC training program, a separate course to target the ocean of opportunities which ASP.NET offers. To add more skills we teach WPF and WCF which have been widely used in the Windows development community. We provide complete training on each topic including architecture, framework, languages like C#, ASP.NET, SQL, AJAX, JavaScript and much more at attractive price.

.Net Course Highlights

  • Learn at the quick and deepest pace
  • Get effective knowledge on each technology
  • Work on Live projects and get hands-on experience
  • Get experience certification for working on Various project
  • Get recruited immediately


You have various options to explore once you complete the course. When you have completed the course from Best .net Training Institute in Mumbai|Thane, you will be empowered with extensive knowledge, experience certificate and job oppurtunities.


Our aim of providing this course is to help budding professionals learn at a quick speed and get detail knowledge on every required technology. Our objective is to empower you with strong knowledge and confidence to be successful in the IT industry at the Best Price.


Basic programming Concept

  • Fresher graduates / College students who are interested in getting familiar with ASP.NET MVC framework
  • Any developer/programmer coming from other programming languages like PHP, VB6, Delphi, C, C++ or others
  • Web designers, Graphic designers, and front-end developers who are interested in getting familiar with server side coding using ASP.NET MVC framework.

Virash training institute in Mumbai | Thane provides an overall development to its trainees. We make sharp your communications skills, soft skills and make you industry ready. Mock interviews sessions, technical training practice, technical GD, GD +PI preparation, Aptitude preparation and personality development.

Learning Process

Concept Learning

Practical Implementation

Practical Assessment

Live Project Training

Course Syllabus

  • .Net Framework and Fundamentals
  • Learn Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Learn Common Type System (CTS)
  • Learn Common Type System (CTS)
  • What is Managed Code?
  • Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
  • Just in Time Compiler (JIT)
  • Assembly
  • Types of Assembly
  • Garbage Collection
  • Strong Name
  • Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • HTML Overview
  • HTML Tags Reference
  • HTML Example
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • JavaScript Examples
  • Debugging JavaScript in VS.NET
  • SClasses & objects
  • Abstract & override methods
  • Creating and using your own classes, Data members and member methods, Instantiate an object
  • This keyword
  • Properties – Read Only Write Only
  • How to use classes as part of project
  • Accessibility levels, specifiers
  • Constructors
  • Method overloading
  • Class (static) variables & methods
  • Object destruction
  • ‘ref’ and ‘out’ parameters
  • Constant values
  • Enumerations
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • The root of all classes
  • Creating derived classes
  • Method overriding and hiding
  • Polymorphism and virtual functions
  • Casting objects
  • Abstract classes
  • Sealed classes
  • Static classes
  • What is Exception
  • Error Handling
  • Using Try, Catch, Finally and Throw
  • Defining our own exception classes
  • Debugging the Application
  • Windows forms library – Win Forms
  • Layout Enhancements
  • Forms and controls – Hierarchy
  • Creating simple GUI by hand
  • Event handling
  • Basic controls
  • Windows forms – buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, panels, group boxes, list boxes, picture boxes…Menus
  • Tool Strips, Status Strips and progress bars
  • A new MDI forms strategy
  • Inheritance with forms
  • New Controls – Web Browser, Property Grid etc
  • Connected and disconnected environment
  • ADO.NET object model
  • Data sources, providers and connections
  • Commands and data readers
  • Data sets and data adaptors
  • Data tables, rows and columns
  • Constraints and relations
  • Data-centric applications – New ADO.Net Hierarchy
  • Data Sources And .Net Data Providers
  • Connecting to a data source
  • SQL Server .NET data provider
  • OLE-DB .NET data provider
  • Connections and connection strings
  • SQL-Server integrated security
  • Connection pooling
  • ADO.NET exceptions
  • Shifting from ASP to ASP.Net
  • ASP.Net as Framework, Namespaces
  • HTML – ASP.NET, State management- an Important Objective
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Execution Scenario
  • C#.Net role in ASP.NET Development
  • Page Directives and its use
  • Separating Code & Design
  • Auto Post Back Property
  • Event Handler Parameters
  • Web Configuration File and Global.asax
  • Dynamically initializing Controls
  • Is Post Back property of Page class
  • New Code behind Techniques
  • Basic Controls
  • Control Properties and Methods
  • Comparison between Html Controls and Web Controls
  • HTML Controls
  • ASP.NET Controls
  • File Upload Control
  • List Controls
  • Working with CSS
  • Working with Themes
  • Introduction to Master Page
  • Content Place Holder and Content tags
  • Accessing controls of Master Page in Content Page
  • URL’s in Master Pages
  • JUnique ID and Client ID
  • Redirecting Options
  • Response. Redirect
  • Server. Transfer
  • Cross Page Post back
  • Determine how the Page was Invoked
  • Passing Values between Pages
  • Base Validator
  • Required Field Validator
  • Compare Validator
  • Range Validator
  • Regular Expression Validator
  • Custom Validator
  • Causes Validation Property
  • Grouping – Validation Group Property
  • Page. Validators and Page. Is Valid CACHE SERVICES
  • Why Caching
  • Advantages of Caching
  • Types of Caching
    • Output Caching
    • Fragment Caching
    • Substitution Caching
    • Data Caching
  • SQL Cache Invalidation
  • Static Members
  • View State
  • Hidden Field in Form
  • Query String
  • Http Context
  • Cookies – Http Cookie
  • Sessions – Http Session State
  • Application – Http Application State
  • Summary of All Features
  • Data binding traditional way
  • Sql Data Source
  • Grid View
  • Details View
  • Form View
  • Data List
  • Repeater
  • List View
  • Data Pager
  • Error Handling & .NET Runtime
  • Avoid Errors before they occur
  • Structured Error Handling
  • Catching General Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions
  • Custom Exceptions
  • What is AJAX
  • What is AJAX.NET
  • Script Manager
  • Update Panel
  • Update Progress
  • Timer
  • AJAX Control Toolkit
  • Responsive classes in bootstrap
  • Multiple screen support ASP.NET
  • Using JQuery in ASP.NET
  • Security Overview
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Windows-based Authentication
  • Passport Authentication
  • Forms-based Authentication
  • Authorizing Users and Roles
  • Advantages of IIS Applications
  • Creating web application in IIS
  • Converting File System application to IIS Application
  • Using Virtual Directory
  • Publishing ASP.NET Websites
  • Note: All the components will be of updated Advance Level,So that students can easily understand the core as well as advanced concepts of Android.
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