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Get a Certification from us which will be very helpful for your job in future.

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We provide practical oriented study material considering the market standards.

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MS Office Course - Best Microsoft Office Training Institute in Mira Road, Mumbai

Virash Training Institute is known for offering best MS Office certification course & training in Mira Road, Mumbai. We cover from basic to advance Microsoft Office courses offering content according to market standards which will help you to get job easily. Microsoft Word is a full-feature word processor designed to help you work more efficiently. Microsoft Excel is a powerful electronics spreadsheet application that can be used for managing, analyzing and presenting data in graphical manner. PowerPoint is the powerful tool for presentation program. We offer MS Office training to students, corporate, professional at attractive fees.

MS Office Course Highlights

Microsoft Office 2013 training courses at VTI offer you the latest version of MS Office Suite along with various upgrades to make your work easier. Taking up MS Office 2013 certifications will not only make you aware of all the new tools and functions available, but also help you make the most of your Office operations. The course focuses on Word 2013 Expert training, Excel 2013 Expert training and PowerPoint 2013 training.


  • There are plenty of job opportunities for candidates skilled in MS Office for small and large industries.
  • One can work as Office Assistants, Personal Assistants, Accounts Executives, Administrative Assistant, DTP Operator and many more.


  • Learn how to Creating, editing, saving and printing text documents.
  • Learn how to inserting tables, smart art, page breaks.
  • Learn how to Speeding data entry : Using Data Forms.
  • Learn how to add custom animation and slide transitions.

No prior knowledge is reqiured as we start from scratch.

At the end of this course, you will get a Certification from us which will be very helpful for your job in future.

Learning Process





Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
  • Working with Documents and the Keyboard
  • Navigating Through a Word Document
  • Basic Text Editing
  • Text Formatting
  • Paragraph Formatting
  • More Ways to Format Text and Paragraphs
  • Style Formatting
  • Page Formatting
  • Templates
  • Working with Graphics and Pictures
  • Tables
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Long Documents
  • Technical Documents
  • Mail Merge
  • Proofing, Printing, and Publishing
  • Comparing, Merging, and Protecting Documents
  • Customizing and Expanding Word
  • Introduction to MS Excel 2013
  • Navigating Excel 2013
  • Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Entering Information into MS Excel 2013
  • Introduction to Working with Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Working with Formulas and Functions
  • Maintaining Worksheets
  • The What-If Analysis
  • Adding Images and Graphics
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Creating Data Lists
  • Managing Data
  • Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Printing worksheets and Workbooks
  • Templates
  • Protecting, Saving, and Sharing Workbooks
  • Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
  • The Basics of Creating Presentations
  • Applying Themes and Layouts to Slides
  • Working with Objects
  • Entering, Editing, and Formatting Text
  • Working in Outline View
  • Proofing Presentations
  • Notes
  • Inserting Pictures, Graphics, Shapes, and Other Things
  • Inserting Tables into Presentations
  • Charts and SmartArt
  • Adding Sound and Video
  • Adding Transitions and Animation
  • Master Slides
  • Printing and Running Slide Shows
  • Saving, Sharing, and Exporting Presentations
  • Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Navigating Outlook 2013
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Formatting Messages
  • Introduction Access 2010 Requirements and Setup
    • Getting Started
    • Creating a Database
  • Creating Tables
    • Data types and sizes
    • Field properties
    • Creating indexes
    • Entering data
  • Creating Simple Queries using QBE grid
    • Queries involving multiple tables
    • Creating lookup queries
  • Prompting for selected Criteria
    • Using totals, averages, and other calculations
    • Creating crosstab queries
    • Action queries
  • Creating simple forms using Form Wizards
    • Main/sub forms
    • Editing and deleting data
    • Datasheet view and from view
  • Editing Tables
    • Copying and moving data
    • Sorting data
    • Creating filters on data
    • Specifying relationships between tables
  • Introduction to macros
    • Creating and running simple macros
    • Attaching macros to forms
  • Creating Reports
    • Single-column reports
    • Tabular reports
    • Mailing label reports
    • Creating summary reports
    • Creating groups / totals reports
  • Creating graphs from your data
    • Importing data from Excel and other data sources
    • Exporting data to Excel and other formats
  • Note: All concepts will be explain from basics in deep knowledge.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Account and Taxation vs Other Commerce Courses?
    • Our Accounts and taxation program provide rigorous training in industry designed course curriculum which is far more advanced and dynamic than the decade old commerce curriculum.It prepares candidates not just for a job but provides them the much needed practical exposure to grow in their career as an accounting and taxation professionals.Additionally, the program provides hands-on training in technology that an accountant is expected to know in the industry. Further, the program provides an opportunity to network with industry professionals who will be taking the class as faculty and mentor.

  • How doing this course will help me in my future Career Growth?
    • As mentioned earlier, the course curriculum is designed in such a way that it takes care of both immediate needs (Good Job) as well as long term goal (Career Advancement). Since candidates will understand and apply various practical aspects an accountant deals with, setup a complete accounting process from scratch deals with taxation and other compliance, the training brings them at par with experienced professionals. Therefore, the program provides opportunity to candidates to plan their future career path.

  • What are the future job prospects after Account and Taxation Certification?
    • Since candidates will have industry required skills and knowledge, they can apply and will be easily absorbed in middle to senior level positions. The training will help candidate fight competition and bring confidence to command higher pay packages. Along with other companies and business, recent boom in Start-up ecosystem has raised trained accountants demand multi-fold. Get trained and grab this opportunity to get accelerated growth in your career.

  • Who can join this course?
    • Any one who is studying in school/college,graduate fresher's or working professional.

  • Any prior Knowledge is require before applying for this course?
    • No prior Knowledge is required for applying for this course, as we start from basic.

  • How much salary can I expect after this course?
    • Normally, a fresh graduate without right skill sets starts in a salary range of Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 6,500 in the field of accounts. However, with BAT training candidate becomes job ready with industry required skill sets which gives them the advantage and confidence to command higher roles and pay package.

  • How this course will help in career ahead, Big Companies will seek for CA only?
    • CA's main role is professional and technical advisory. However, actual ground work of accounting, taxation, compliance, return filings, reporting, MIS etc. is done by the accounts team of any organization whether it's large cap, mid cap or small cap. If in house team or accounts team can shoulder all the responsibility with 100% accuracy and completeness, involvement of CA's will only be limited to certain functions like audit, and other statutory compliance that need compulsory CA signatures etc.

  • What are the fees for this Course?
    • The fees for this course depend on the type of course you choose.

  • I have already learnt Tally, how is this different from what I have learnt?
    • Human Brain has limited storage capacity but high analytical and reasoning ability. Therefore, any business needs software either Tally or QuickBooks or any other to record daily business transactions. So if you know how to operate Tally, well and good! But, if you think you are going to lead a prosperous accounting career with the limited knowledge of Tally, then think twice. Tally Skills can only become a foundation for a Data Entry/software operator career. Besides this, there is nothing much you can do in accounting if you are solely dependent on Tally. It's time you ask yourself if you are really qualified to be called an accountant in real terms. Read to know the work for which an accountant is actually hired for:

      Deal with accounting processes - sales, purchase, expensesComply with country's Accounting Standards in maintaining the books of accountLiaison with government agenciesTake care of Compliances and TaxationsFill various tax returnsPrepare MIS reports for management and other stakeholdersSet companies cash management and credit policyTake care of employee payrolls, pensions and its statutory requirementsWork with Internal and External Auditors of an organizationHelp organization in presenting financials to banks and others for debt fundsHelp company securing equity investmentsHelp company evaluate investment proposals, etc.The program gives the opportunity to practically understand and apply these activities for a company from scratch. Therefore, candidates are assigned a role of an accountant wherein they will be doing A to Z of what an actual accountant does.

  • Want more information about this Courses, how should I get that?
    • The best way to get more information about the course by giving us a missed call or texting us on Whatsapp on 8291962020. One of our counselors would call you back as soon as possible. You can also get in touch with us through contact us form available on our website or else download our informative course brochure.

Note : If your questions is still not answered in above FAQs, don't hesitate to contact us. We are available to answer your queries anytime.

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